It doesn’t matter how many gold rings or tops you own, if you can’t find them easily, then you must find a jewellery storage box to organize your essentials. The “out of sight, out of mind” phenomenon is usually common with jewellery pieces. Sometimes you even forget the classical ring your grandmother once gifted you on your graduation ceremony. The need of buying mirror with jewellery box is to easily consolidate your collection in an organized way. Jewellery pieces are very fragile and delicate, so to keep them safe and clean, jewellery boxes are very important.
We found plenty of pretty large jewellery boxes that not only have many sections to hold your baubles, but also double the beauty of your coffee table. We have shortlisted some of the best designs that you will definitely like.

Gold & Clear Hollow Jewellery Box

This gorgeous mirror with jewellery box is delightful in color. The gold and glass create a jewelry box that feels both beautifully delicate and durable. The heart-shaped lid gives love vibes and leaves a lot of unforgettable memories.

Grey Gold & Glass Brush Storage Pot, Jewellery Boxes

The glass and gold combination gives an aesthetic look. It is an open box so you can put your lotion and perfume in it also. The box looks gorgeous with a warm embrace for the most precious items in your collection.

Kako Wood Jewellery Box

The wooden jewelry box with a transparent cover. It is a strong and perfect solution if you wanjewelry your jewellery. It can accommodate chains and watches. The style is classic and elegant enough to add beauty to your makeup table.

Gold & Glass Clear Jewellery Box, Glass Tray

Minimal and elegant accent to your room. This is a contemporary and modern style of arranging your jeewllery. Gold and glass clear box is ideal for decoration. Can be placed on your dressing table of the coffee table. The versatility in design and style can complement the beauty of your vanity table.

Keiko Jewellery Box

This leathaire travel jewelry box is big in size and is ideal if you have a large collection of items. It keeps your jewelry items clean and protects them from damage. The velvet plush arranges them and protect them from scratches.

Suelo Marble Jewellery Tray Rectangle

Grey color marble large jewellery box is a worthy decoration piece and gives a natural and sophisticated feel. It holds priceless gifts, passed down over the years. Necklaces and rings of adventures past, and expensive gifts from loved ones. The marble jewelry box is a treasure in itself — designed specially to contain the most eloquent treasures in your life. The marble jewelry box gives a natural and sophisticated vibe.

Aaliyah Vintage Wood Jewellery Box Large

Open the box to reveal the gorgeous original wooden dark brown interior with a glass on top. The vintage style can easily impress your guests and make a statement in your home.

Gold & Marble Jewellery Tray Rectangle

Jewellery Trays give a sleek and aesthetic experience on your table. The best thing is you don’t have to open and close it every morning while going to office. Comes with both green and white color.