A home is incomplete without mirrors. Every home, whether small or big, will have at least one mirror. Whether it’s a round gold mirror in your living room or a black framed mirror in the hallway, the mirror is an essential piece of furniture in a family and is used by every member of the family to see themselves visually, get dressed, and go out. Besides usability and functionality, bedroom mirrors are ideal for adding an accent to a home interior. From making the room look bigger with the illusion of space or utilizing an empty wall, mirrors play a vital role in your home.
Choosing the right mirror that suits your home is somehow confusing and frustrating. That is why we’re recommending five must-have mirrors and the reasons why we love them in our interiors.

RE44 Mirror

The shape is stylish as well as futuristic making it a unique accent piece of decoration. As the size is not so big, this bedroom mirror is a perfect choice for people with a tight space. Can be a sleek and stunning addition to an entryway so you can make comb your hair and see your face before leaving for the office in the morning.

Aurora Gold Full Length Mirror

The tall mirror with a standing frame is our favorite. We advise installing it in your living room to look chic and extraordinary. The round gold mirror frame makes it the focal point of any room and carries a modern flair without too much fuss. The mirror is the easiest way to enhance the visual appearance of the room and to look at yourself from head to toe in the mirror.

Circle Mirror

The circle mirror is a sophisticated practical device that does all the functionality in addition to enhancing the beauty of the room. We love this bedroom mirror as it can visually enlarge any room. If you want to take maximum benefit from its fancy design, lean your circle mirror up against the wall. Mount a black framed mirror to your wall with the included screw kit, or lean your mirror up against the wall for a more casual look.

Aurora Curve Full Length Mirror

If you want a small space to look bigger and spacious, use a big black framed mirror. The tall curve mirror gives a very clear and flawless reflection. The art deco mirror shows a full-body reflection so you can even see if your shoes are properly laced. The edges have generous proportions that give a decent and sophisticated look. The design gives a classic feel and looks perfect with warm and neutral colors.

Archway Full Length Mirror

The best thing about this full-length curvy mirror is that it can be wall-mounted and provides a freestanding experience. It’s sleek and curve corners are worthy of selection. The mirror in your hallway can be an amazing showstopper and we love how delicately it adds character to the place. The design will flawlessly match any room in your home without a prominent border.