A dressing table with LED mirror plays an important role in home décor if you are very cautious about interior design. The 2022 year comes with a variety of unique and innovative dressing table designs that can add a sense of decency to your bedroom. In addition to adding glamour and sophistication to your home, dressing tables are practical as well.For your ease, we have chosen the five best dressing tables in 2022 for you that are trendy as well as enough to add a modern vibe to your room.


Tandy Dressing Table Green with LED Mirror

Nordic style inspired oval shape dressing table with LED mirror have spacious built-in drawers for a storage facility. The brass accents add durability and along with making look modern and unique. Along with drawers, it also has a hidden compartment under the wooden hardware that lets you hide your expensive jewelry without any kind of fear and worry. Try to place it as close to sunlight as possible to experience the nature vibes that the dressing table green gives.


Nelia Dressing Table with LED Mirror


Small space doesn’t mean you have to give up your dream of a modern and luxurious dressing room. You can turn your dressing room into a sumptuous area by using a small dressing table like this. This grey color looks sophisticated with the wooden color background. Its steel golden legs make it an accent piece of furniture along with the functionality of string and decluttering your makeup stuff including cosmetics. 


Corner Dressing table With LED Mirror


This strategically placed dressing table with LED mirror is a perfect example of utilizing your corner space with innovation and creativity. The table comes with a USB charger, so your battery doesn’t get dead when watching makeup tutorials or getting ready for a party. The royal blue color dressing table stands out against the soft white walls. The golden steel legs give a minimalist look providing space beneath the table to tuck your stool after doing your makeup. It is an easy way of using house corners optimally like this. 


Mevlet Corner Dressing Table


A light-colored chic dressing table with LED mirror with bright golden legs is creating an air of opulence in this corner. The soft round cushion adds a comfy sitting experience next to your mirror. This dressing table is a unique idea to doll up with style. The texture looks like a marble. The unit is made from high-quality MDF to ensure long durability. The mirror has LED lights placed to illuminate your face evenly. 



Hartz Dressing Table Green with LED Mirror


Matt black legs paired with gold accents give a sleek and minimal design. The dressing table green color adds class and elegance to your home.  The sleek drawers give plenty of space for storing cosmetics and other personal things. It has a touch screen LED mirror that is bright and easy to clean, while the white walls provide a classic backdrop for this dressing room.